The Once and Future…







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Our tale begins early on in the story of Camelot, Arthur is still a Prince, Merlin a young wizard, and the rest of our heroes and knights early in their power. But dark times are upon Camelot and it is up to your party to save it and make it the place the prophecies claim it will be, a safe haven for all.

It is a 5e campaign that starts at level 3. All characters pre built (one of each class except artificer) the players can modify the characters as they like with some exceptions (story related). Each character has their own back story and starting goals, some conflict and others compliment. Currently it is level 3-16 over about 15ish adventures. While the story spans these 15 adventures, it also can be a shorter campaign based on the player’s needs. This would also work well as a one-shot as the adventures could be run as a single self contained adventure.

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