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Play Dungeons and Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun, Mork Borg, Pathfinder, and more with a professional GM.

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Play and Learn Tabletop RPGs

Explore new worlds in an immersive experience. Our DMs know multiple game systems and can accommodate your needs. Don’t see a game system you want to play? Let us know and we will learn it for you! We can also create custom homebrew campaigns.


We have a variety of online tools to play games virtually. Our game masters are more than happy to teach you the basics or send you easy to use tutorials so you’ll be a pro in no time. All you need is a computer and mic.

New Players Welcome

We’ll teach you how to build a character or you can choose from a selection of pre-created characters if you just want to dive into play. We can teach you the basics of game play with our “Learn to Play” sessions which include a mini adventure. Tabletop RPGs are for everyone and we love teaching new players!

Drinking and Dragons

Drinking and Dragons is a game series taking place at the best bars and venues in Chicago. Our events bring gamers of all levels together to experience a night of adventure, great memories, and — of course — drinks! Inspired by the popular tabletop RPG, Dungeons and Dragons, we welcome players of all levels!

We have a variety of in-person events to experience.

Praise for Rough Magic Games

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