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The Mirkwood Campaign is a fantasy, LOTR RPG set five years after the events of the Hobbit book/movie. This tale follows a band of heroes (that’s you!) who fight to defend their people against the growing evil emanating from the fortress of Dol Guldor. How will your characters interact with the world of Tolkien and how well the Free Peoples of Middle Earth prepare for the return of Sauron is up to you and your company of heroes. While the length of your character’s involvement in the fight is up to you, the full campaign is set over a thirty-year period in-game, which equals out to roughly thirty separate adventures.

No commitment to the full campaign is required, so if your band of heroes is looking for a shorter campaign there are plenty of customizable smaller story arcs that are packed full of action and role play. Your character’s journey could be anywhere from 1 to 5 adventures, half a campaign, or a full campaign.

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