Drinking and Dragons

Drinking and Dragons is a game series taking place at the best bars and venues in Chicago. Our events bring gamers of all levels together to experience a night of adventure, great memories, and — of course — drinks!

Sign up Your Venue

Attendees Spend Up To 4 Hours at Your Venue

That’s a lot of time they will be buying drinks or food while they play through their adventure. Attendees are also encouraged to share their experience on social media. What do they say about any publicity?

Introduce Your Venue to New Customers

Drinking and Dragons is a great opportunity for new customers to find your venue. It’s also a great way to keep your existing customers engaged and coming back.

We Just Need Your Help To Publicize

Other than providing the space and the drinks, we only ask your help publicizing the event on your social media channels. This part helps ensure that we get as many people as possible to participate.

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