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Join me at my table and take up the role as a Retriever working for The Magic Shop. Of the many jobs in the Magic Shop, you are a retrieval expert. See the Magic Shop has, now get this, magical things. I know what a concept! It’s going to revolutionize The Economy. Since most magical enchantment last forever the Magic Shop doesn’t actually sell the magical doohickey, it sells time! It rents them out to those with the greatest need. That’s where you come in. Not everyone can make their payments on time. It’s your job to go and get those items back. Hence why you are called a Retriever. But before you take that magic scroll and head off to the Gods know where. You’re going to need to pick up a few things. You see as long as you work for the Magic Shop, you can have all the magical doo dads that your whittle heart desires. Now, gear up and get ready to go repossess a magic item!

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