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Drinking & Dragons at Watershed: Quester’s Guild

November 18 @ 1:00 pm 4:00 pm

21& Over

Quester’s Guild Games

“In the grand fantastical city of Thrambilax, the Quester’s Guild reigns supreme, sending adventurers on quests to slay epic monsters, acquire priceless loot and make unforgettable memories! Will you heed the call and create your own legend?”

The Quester’s Guild is an ongoing series of the 5th edition of the world’s most popular TTRPG games that uses character level progression, loot acquisition and dare we say… BACKSTORY INTEGRATION! All while maintaining a one-shot style of play that allows for drop-in players to be integrated into the stories being told and the games being played.

Each Game Master will also be a Guild Master and head up their own guild within the city that sends adventurers out on Quests!

This will be a monthly event that allows players to create a character and level them up as they progress through the story and complete quests. April 15th will act as a Session Zero.

You’ll meet your fellow party member and our GMs(and the guilds the run). The different guilds will offer in game rewards for regular players.

You can bounce from guild to guild or stick with the same one to work up the reward track.

We will run higher level game for more experienced players if they are interested.

Session Zero is $15/player and each session after that is $25/player.



601 N State St
Chicago, Illinois 60654 United States
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(312) 266-7677
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