Theodore Emelianov | Game Master

Theodore Emelianov

GM Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Former theater kid, recent transplant, and forever nerd, Tedd (he/him) has been a lover of sci-fi, fantasy, and story telling his whole life. After forcing his way into his first TTRPG group in 2017, then taking over as GM on session 3, he has been running games for friends and strangers ever since; introducing plenty of people to the hobby and fostering lifelong addictions to dice sets, source books, and minis. He has a love of creating rich worlds and drawing maps; approaching every game with a “play to find out what happens” mentality. His games are 100% player first, encouraging players to play the story they want and shape the world to their hearts content.

First tabletop RPG: 5e D&D

Favorite tabletop RPG: Blades in the Dark