Susan Haarman | Game Master

Susan Haarman

GM Alignment: Chaotic Good

Susan’s partner jokes that becoming a GM was her final pokemon form. She started playing TTRPGs in 2017, but has been a lifelong sci-fi and fantasy nerd and actually wrote her doctoral dissertation on TTRPGS. The geekery runs strong. Susan’s favorite D&D characters was a hobgoblin bard called Kalrath the Devastator, whose nickname came from making people sob uncontrollably with their emo power ballads. Susan is also a huge fan of indie games and loves to introduce new and seasoned players alike to creative one-shots that help folks build confidence around their own ability to role-play and (hopefully) GM. When she’s not rolling dice, she is an improviser and ensemble member of Malarkey Comedy and Laugh Out Loud Comedy. She is also a five time Moth Story Slam winner. You can usually find Susan scouting locations for her ongoing three year campaign of Monster of the Week that’s set in an alternative spooky Chicago.

First tabletop RPG: Kids in Bikes

Favorite tabletop RPG: Public Access & Candela Obscura