Sean Foer | Game Master

Sean Foer

GM Alignment: Chaotic Good

Sean (he/him) is a performer, video creator, game designer and lifelong nerd. He’s played and run tabletop roleplaying games for 13 years, and they have become his greatest passion! He reads game rulebooks for new and interesting systems for fun, creates TikToks to share what he’s learned about the art of GMing, and dabbles in creating games of his own. But by far his most important mission is sharing the magic of collaborative storytelling with as many people as possible, to grow his favorite hobby into a diverse, thriving ecosystem rich with new ideas! He can be found in Chicago where he loves to cook and eat delicious meals, drink great beers, see amazing theater, and hang out with his pet rabbits.

First tabletop RPG: D&D 4th Edition

Favorite tabletop RPG: Blades in the Dark