Rob Burt | Game Master

Rob Burt Game Master


GM Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Rob (he/him) started playing rpgs in middle school starting with GURPs before finding the a Call of Cthulhu game series. His love of the intertwined lore of the Lovecraft universe only added to his appreciation of the rpg game system and its ability to create engrossing stories. He spent five years working in Los Angeles in tv and film on the creative side before moving to Chicago where he works as a freelance artist and graphic designer. Aside from the creative endeavors, He also spent several years working as a teacher in Los Angeles and the greater LA region.

First tabletop RPG: GURPS

Favorite tabletop RPG: Call of Cthuhlu


This was my first foray into Call of Cthulhu and Keeper Rob nailed it! It was a ton of fun and I would play again at my first opportunity!