Pavi Proczko | Game Master

Pavi Proczko Game Master


GM Alignment: Lawful Good

Pavi Proczko (he/him) is an actor, singer and audiobook narrator. He has been bringing his acting and storytelling skills to the world of DnD since 2018, running up to 10 different campaigns at once. Worlds of fantasy and magic have always interests him, from fantasy novels, to video games, to movies and TV. Pavi first encountered Table top RPGs with first edition DND back in the 90s. Since getting back into it in 2018, DnD has been his primary game, but he’s very interested in Fate Core and Dungeon World and often uses elements of each in his running his campaigns.

First tabletop RPG: D&D 1st Edition

Favorite tabletop RPG: D&D 5e

Ready to go Campaign: Tyranny of Dragons


Another great session with DM Pavi! Good continuity of story from session to session, engaging descriptions with a dash of “Pavitas’ and solid game mechanics that keep the game moving. Pavi keeps that sweet spot between engaging descriptions and drama without sacrificing attention to details and game mechanics.

-Mark Roberts-