Michael Truland | Game Master

Michael Truland

GM Alignment: Chaotic Good

Michael (he/him) has been playing games his whole life. Board game and video games got him started, with epic fantasy novels helping him develop a deep and abiding love for the fantasy genre. TTRPG games didn’t pique his interest until much later in life. However, once they wormed their way into his brain, he realized that he hadn’t fully appreciated the magical possibilities of storytelling until he was introduced to Dungeons and Dragons in 2016. Finding a group of like-minded individuals, they formed a party and committed to getting started. As is common with many groups, no one wanted to step up and be the DM. Michael did, though (otherwise, they would all still be waiting for a DM!) and has been the default DM for the group ever since. In that time, they have completed a full homebrewed adventure and he is currently running that same group through another 5E adventure! Michael is also interested in Pathfinder (First and Second edition) and thoroughly enjoys listening to any actual play podcasts he can find. The Glass Cannon Podcast was his first and remains his favorite! Some of his favorite D&D based podcasts include Dungeons and Daddies, Red Moon Roleplaying, Tales From the Stinky Dragon and Tablestory. When not losing himself in the magical worlds that encompass his mind, he enjoys reading, writing, disc golf and taking care of his fur-baby, a border collie/lab mix named Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledog

First tabletop RPG: Dungeons and Dragons

Favorite tabletop RPG: Pathfinder 2E