Max Romans | Game Master

Max Romans

GM Alignment: Lawful Neutral

The tales of adventure, adversity, daring, tragedy, and horror are what Max Romans (he/him) brings to the gaming table. His experience runs deep into the history of TTRPGs. Well before the birth of Magic the Gathering. For a long time, he has been practicing the craft of storytelling and adventure writing. Learning the ebb and flow of a story and how to tangle a character into that weave.

He has plotted adventures across many worlds, and he will gladly lead you there. Is it vampires you wish to fight? Then just wait for the sun to go down. Is it the dragon’s horde you wish to plunder? Then ask the locals where in the mountains does the smoke never cease. Maybe you are looking to get that shipment of blaster rifles to the Rebellion and your ship just got pulled out of hyperspace by interdiction field. Maybe, chummer, the Johnson pulled a double cross and you have to fight your way out of Evo Arcology. At his table there will always be a fantastic story to be told.

By day, he is a boring scientist working in a lab in Florida but he has many decades of experience that breathe life into each game every time the group gathers. As a co-founder of Original Box Set, he has been sharing his work on Twitch since 2016. He also has a YouTube channel called Original Box Set (blatant plug). He also has a dog, and like 6 cats. Really can’t keep up with them all.

First tabletop RPG: Dungeon & Dragons Basic Set

Favorite tabletop RPG: Horror games