Matthew Bonadona| Game Master

Matt Bonadona

GM Alignment: Neutral Evil

Matt Bonadona (he/him) is a Chicago native living in the northside and working in the north suburbs.  A high-school theater kid in recovery, Matt turned to Tabletop Role Playing Games as a creative outlet at a time when he sorely needed one.  After reigniting his love of fantasy novels with Pratchett, LeGuin and Novik, the prospect of creating a whole fantasy world was a tantalizing challenge.  Nine years and countless adventures later, Dungeons and Dragons has become a major cornerstone of his social and creative life. When Matt isn’t running a homebrew campaign, he’s reading the latest module or writing new homebrew spells, monsters, and character options. He would love nothing more than to enthrall you with his arcane ramblings, harrowing encounters and very, very bad accents.

First tabletop RPG: Ryan and Dragons

Favorite tabletop RPG: DnD 5e or Vampire: the Masquerade