Matt Brosseau | Game Master

Matt Brosseau

GM Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Matt is quite a few things most days.  He is a technologist by trade, a comedian by night, a purveyor of awkward shirts, a voice actor, and a dad.  When he’s not doing any of those things, though occasionally he gets to ‘dad’ simultaneously, he weaves strange and intriguing stories for friends, bar patrons, and complete strangers through tabletop roleplaying games.  While Matt started playing tabletop RPGs in his preteens when a friend showed up on his doorstep with a copy of “Werewolf: The Apocalypse,” he found his footing in college through Dungeons and Dragons 3.5.  Since then, he’s spent most of his time behind the DM screen spinning stories and crafting worlds for his players.

Whether you are a backstory architect hoping to take your character through a heroic journey of soaring triumphs and heart-wrenching woes or a newcomer who only learned that a D20 is an icosahedron or 20-sided dice by reading this Game Master bio, you’re more than welcome at Matt’s table.  He is happiest when he is building a cooperative narrative where all the players, regardless of skill or experience can be a critical part of the story.

Come and sit for a spell, friend.  There’s always time for one more adventure.

First tabletop RPG: Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Favorite tabletop RPG: Cortex RPG/Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition