Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker | Game Master

Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker game master

Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker

GM Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Kevin (he/him) has been running D&D games since the age of 11 when he received the original Advanced Dungeons and Dragons red box for Christmas. He asked grownups in his family to teach him how to play and they all claimed the rules were too complex. Once he found a fellow friend whose older brother taught him to play, he never looked back. Kevin cut his GM teeth running modules like Ravenloft and the Dragonlance series. Aside from running published adventures, Kevin has built an extensive homebrew world for his friends to play in. Through the years he has played every edition of D&D except 4th. He enjoys running games in 5e as the edition offers accessible and fun gameplay. As a GM, Kevin utilizes his theater background and his MFA in creative writing chops to build a campaign experience rich in story, narrative, and character arcs that are satisfying and meaningful to the players. With his tabletop game design background, he knows the importance of not getting bogged down in rules and keeping combat moving along. He believes in being a fair GM who works with the players to offer engaging sessions with a balance of roleplay and combat for all players at the (digital) table.