John McConnell | Game Master

John McConnell

GM Alignment: Neutral Evil

John McConnell (he/him began Dungeon Mastering after receiving “The Classic Dungeons & Dragons Game” boxset for the most fateful of Christmases 1994’s. Since then, he has been crafting harrowing adventures, valiant sojourns, and doom’d enterprises for the be-shadowed hearts of tabletop gamers across the Great Lakes and beyond! This Dungeon Master’s style is to let collaborative narrative shine through the blood mists of perditious, pernicious combat and Lady Luck’s own perilous crucible– to let the dice fall where they may and pick up the pieces afterward. John has written for and consulted professionally on adventure modules for HackMaster, but is most at home when concocting new and varied ways to make his players shake in their collective boots from the other side of his DM’s screen. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and some of your characters might even make it back intact (but never unchanged) from the labyrinthine demense that is a John McConnell adventure!

First tabletop RPG: The Classic Dungeons & Dragons Game

Favorite tabletop RPG: D&D 3.5e