Joe Bianco | Game Master

Joe Bianco

GM Alignment: Whimsical (Chaotic) Neutral

Joe Bianco is a full time voice actor who loves making stories with others.  He is the voice of Jacob Summers (Oxenfree II), Axel Stone (Streets of Rage 4) and The Wheel of Enormous Proportions (Jackbox Party Pack 8) to name a few.  He also works regularly with Forteller Games.  As a player, he is always happy to be the party Cleric.  As a DM, he owns too many miniatures.  A big fan of combining roleplay, puzzle and combat (often in the same encounter), he is also happy to follow the party’s lead as far off the grid as they want to go.  He was always interested in TTRPG’s, but it took a global pandemic to get him started properly.  

First tabletop RPG: Betrayal at The House on The Hill (yes – this can become an RPG with the right table)

Favorite tabletop RPG: D&D 5E