Jacob Schornak | Game Master

Jacob Schornak

GM Alignment: 99% Chaotic Good, 1% Chaotic Evil

Jacob Schornak (he/him) is a Chicago-based writer, artist, and academic. He was first introduced to the wondrous world of Dungeons and Dragons when he was twelve years old. Nearly two decades later, his love for D&D and roleplaying games has only intensified, expanding beyond D&D into Fate, Dungeon World, Pathfinder, and more. Jacob enjoys sitting on both sides of the DM Screen. As a player, he finds pleasure in sewing mischief and mayhem within the party, often making other plays around the table shake their heads with the ensuing shenanigans. As a DM, loves creating worlds and homebrewed
campaigns that are brought to life by the creativity of the players sharing a table with him.

When he is not rolling dice, Jacob works as an Academic Adviser at Northwestern University and an amateur cosplayer who loves being a nerd at conventions and Ren Fests.

First tabletop RPG: D&D 3.5

Favorite tabletop RPG: D&D 5e