Brandon Austra| Game Master

Brandon Austra

GM Alignment: Chaotic Good

Brandon is a level 28 Bard who has been playing tabletop games since he was about 10 years old. His first experience with tabletop games was 3rd edition D&D with the beautifully named character, Johnny Soviet Rifle Flamingo, The Second of The Fifth.

Ever since that fateful day in his best friend’s basement, he made a blood pact (a promise to himself really, blood pact sounds more dramatic) to share with the world the gift that is tabletop role playing games.

Throughout the years, Brandon has been able to experience TTRPGs in many different ways, and hopes he can share the wisdom he has gained with those who wish to hear it.

After finishing the Bachelors of Fine Acts with an emphasis in Acting at Northern Illinois University, he is now on his way to pursue voice acting, and hopes to one day inspire those who may be interested in role playing games to sit and enjoy the experience.

He hopes that no matter who you may be, there’s always going to be a way for you to have fun, enjoy and gain an experience when playing a role playing game. He cannot wait to see you at his table!

First tabletop RPG: 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons

Favorite tabletop RPG: A tie between Star Wars: Saga Edition and 5th Edition D&D.